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Hello, human!

I am Thorsten

Do you know what my name means? It’s nordic and means Thor’s Hammer.
If you ask me, I think thats pretty badass.

This fun fact has no significance whatsoever for the rest of the page.

A short version of myself.

(The hair was longer though)

Thorsten Niemeyer, Head of Development, Nicknames: Thor, Torti, Monk, Weasley (yes, how innovative my friends were, I know)

As I write these words I just drank a sip of Curry-Ketchup. I am unsure, what this tells about me.

You like a weird mix of music? Here go you

Here is some of the stuff that I do for fun (extract):

  • Co-Founder of Linvelo: a beautiful Company that delivers digital growth. As a Service.
  • Hiking up the „Brocken“ at -4°C just in shortsPrimal Movements and Animal Flows.
  • Buddy Talk with my best friend
  • Drinking Bulletproof Coffee.
  • WimHof Breathing
  • Barefoot Running
  • Reading Books
  • Doing nothing
  • Programming
  • Meditation
  • CrossFit
  • Cooking

And yes, I ordered the list so it is in descending length.