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Tornado Thorsten
Nothing is quite the same after I've been there.


Life at Level 50 
My life at Level 50: I have a quiet, peaceful home somewhere in the mountains to come back, learn, ideate and relax. In contrast to the other times where I am working at my companies. Making the world a better place. Though for fun and purpose. I don't need the money. Depending on which cycle I am, life differs. Both have in common that I start the day without an alarm. Rising dome some cardio or yoga followed by meditation. After that it's time for a cold shower and work on personal projects like learning something new, tinkering, writing etc. Afternoons I spent for vorking at my companies making the world a better place. For meals I enjoy my families company. The late afternoons/evenings are spent with them and with friends. Every other day I'm doing weithlifting/calisthenics or similar in the late afternoon.
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