GPS Framework for Engagement

GPS Framework for Engagement

Hello Heroes!

This post is about the session at GamiCon 21V “What’s in it for the Learner? – Engaging participants in learning sessions” by Abhilash Purohit.

In this session, he presented the GPS Framework for engaging participants in learning sessions and I’m going to present it to you now! I’m sure that you can get value from it if used rightly. This framework can also be used for non-learning sessions.

GPS stands for Gamification, Personalisation and Socialisation. So let’s dive deeper into each letter!

G stands for Gamification

The key for gamifying your learning session is not about doing the content and then trying to add the engagement later, it’s about baking the enjoyment into the action directly.

Examples are to using quizzes during the presentation and acting on the results! (Pro Tip: Quizzes with only one right answers where the others are funny/obviously wrong creates the most engagement)

Additionally, you can use Bingo, yes, Bingo, but next level Bingo! Meaning you not only provide a Bingo-sheet to the participants but if someone proclaims !BINGO! he goes in front of the group and summarizes each Bingo point in his own words. Giving another educational and social factor to this dynamic.

Leaderboards, Achievements and Certificates for answering questions, participating etc. can be useful as well, dependent of the context.

Okay, forward to the second letter. P!

P stands for Personalisation

P stands for Personalisation stands for making the participant feel that this session is just for him! A good example is when presenting data from studies.

Instead of just giving the facts and outcomes straight ahead, let them imagine being in the shoes of the participants of the study. How would they react?

„If you‘d given 10 Dollars, would it make you happier to spend it on yourself or buy something for someone else?“

“I would be happer sepnding it for someone else, I guess”

Wow, you have a lot of emotional intelligence! Exactly, it will make you happier. As shown in „Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness” by Dunn et al. from 2008.

So involve the participant and personalize the session to them on the run.

S stands for Socialisation

S stands for Socialisation. Encouraging interaction among participants with group activities (beyond just using the chat).

So let them partcipate together, make breakouts when possible. Let them build design/create/something together or work together as a group against others.

Collaboration, group quests, and social activities are all big players in driving engagement and making the whole session more fun.

So my heroes, that’s the GPS Framework. Here’s a quick overview:

The GPS Framework decomposed

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time! I’m out!

Stay heroic!

Navigating through the thicket of Engagement.

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