Hello world! (Perfect title for my first post)

Hello Reader,

it is a pleasure to have you here! I’m Thorsten 🙂 And if you read through this text, you’ll find out, what my name means. This will be my blog and website. There will be changes in the website, as I will develop it step after step. But I will do it. My plan is to make a post twice a weak.

Mainly I will focus on Gamification and Behavioral Science. And of course related things I stumble across. I’ll update you with what I’m learning and finding out. I’m certain that with time my content and reach will get better.

During the next posts I will try different things, on how to engage you, the reader with my posts and motivate you in applying or contemplating what my findings are. So changes in format and tone are likely and feedback of course appreciated!

My future-focus has already showed in this post. Have I only stated what I want to do, but not who I am. Thorsten is my name and it literally means Thor’s stone. But since Thor’s stone refers to his hammer, I’M MJÖLLNIR! Or maybe just a stone, we’ll see.

Next you’ll find out how I started my journey in Gamification and what led me here. It has something to do with the Universe screaming at me and with a book by the luminary of Gamifcation. He has his own consultancy company, a Gamification learning platform and is a speaker, christ, husband, father and visionar. Do you know of whom I’m talking about?

So until next time!


PS: Here is a picture of a stone.

Amazon.com: Dryad Design Norse God Thor Statue Stone Finish: Home & Kitchen
This is a figure made from stone representing Thor. So Stenthor. Not Thorsten.


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