How to make your extrinsic rewards more intrinsic with one simple trick (INSTANT SUCCESS)

How to make your extrinsic rewards more intrinsic with one simple trick (INSTANT SUCCESS)

My Heroes,

there you are again. For those of you that quickly need an answer here you go. The featured image is already giving a strong hint

Very short description:

Roll dice to pick your reward.

Somewhat longer description:

  1. Write down all your rewards and give them a number
  2. Get a dice with numbers according to the number of your rewards or open a random number generator.
  3. Roll the dice or generate the random number.
  4. Claim your reward.
  5. Congratulations, you just added more intrinsic motivation to your rewards using unpredictability:)

And now you can go and be free or stay for more information about this!

I’m saying you stay 😉

Let’s elaborate this a bit

Thanks for listening to this random internet dude called Thorsten.

Unrepdictability and Curiousity is a Core Drive motivator for humans.

Sorry but we don’t know yet if aliens are motivated by Unpredictability and Curiousity.

Randomness, not knowing the outcome is sporning on intrinsic motivation.

Though for it to be positive it should be for things like rewards or power-ups/boosters (I will talk about them in another post).

Ever wondered why people are so motivated and eager about raffles, unwrapping presents, etc. even when they know what they will get is probably shitty? Unpredictability and Curiosity!

Imagine this random dude on the internet Thorsten. Thorsten has heard of Gamification and is thrilled to try it out. Hence he already made a list of small rewards he wants to grant himself after some tasks he’s not really eager to do, but that need to be done anyways. So he wants to use the rewards for cleaning, exercising and for his work-life for things like preparing for meetings, making difficult phone calls etc and so on. These are some of the rewards he has written down, that he knows, he’ll enjoy:

  1. Mindfully drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea
  2. Going for a short walk
  3. Meditating
  4. Watching one episode of Rick and Morty
  5. Reading some pages of the book he’s reading currently
  6. Drinking a nice glass of wine
  7. Just laying down for 15 minutes doing nothing
  8. taking a hot shower

In his first iteration, Thorsten just wrote down his tasks and assigned each of them a reward.

  • Cleaning the dishes -> Going for a short walk
  • Doing a difficult meeting -> Watching one episode of Rick and Morty

Though what he notices is that some rewards are motivating him more than others and therefore the motivation for some tasks is still lacking. Now he could put his most favourite reward to all tasks, but this would at first lower the power of the reward over time and second be unfeasible because drinking four glasses of wine in the morning may create fun experiences on a working day.

So he tries the trick he read on a famous, popular and extravagant blog about Gamification on the internet. (Do you know, which one I’m talking about? Hint: It’s this one)

Alright, Thorsten takes his lists of rewards and assigns each of them a number and now he has a list of 8 potential rewards for his tasks.

Now every time he does a task worth rewarding he just pulls out his 8-sided dice and rolls it.

“Oh, I’m washing the dishes, I’m wondering what will be my reward? Maybe I can finally tase this nice red wine I got!”

The randomness is really putting an additional motivational factor into his life.

If one reward is always putting him in a bad mood if he gets it randomly instead of another, Thorsten strike this reward out tries to add another, to have a varying list, that contains rewards he really enjoys.

Putting it into practice

Its your turn now my heroes. Think of something in your life that you can spice up with some unpredictability 😉

The rewards are a good start but don’t have to be the end. Think of random tasks, random choice of exercise, random food you eat at a restaurant. All can none must. Just be aware that randomness definitely can give an experience another notch.

Now go your way, make your list of rewards, grab your dice and trigger your intrinsic motivation.

One last thing to keep in mind

Heroes, some of you might be wondering, what happens if Thorsten rolls the dice and his reward is a glass of wine for a task at work. Let Jerry answer this for me.

A rule is a rule. Without a rule, there’s chaos.

That said:

Until next time. I’m out, my heroes!

Stay random, stay heroic.

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